We are capable of repairing almost any mechanical phonograph.  We do not repair coin operated devices.  We have a very large inventory of parts but do not have them listed in a catalog.  If we do not have parts in stock we have several sources to draw from.

Please Contact Us with any inquires about parts or repairs.

Wood Horns

We are capable of repairing almost any wood horn.  We do not repair metal horns.  It is much easier to repair a split or joint if someone has not already tried fixing it with epoxy, etc. and we do not like to rework other “bad job repairs”.  Please Contact Us first before attempting a repair if you do not have experience with this type of work.

For some examples of damaged horns we consider repairable click Here

While we can often do an initial assessment by looking at emailed photos, please understand that we cannot give estimates without actually examining the damaged unit.

We do not do quick fixes!  We prefer to fix it right or not at all.